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About Terry Turbo


Hi I’m Terry Turbo, Also known as “The King of Finance” I’ve been in the auto motive business for 35 GREAT Years. I’ve made a lot of GOOD connections with the people from the financial institutions. I’ve also made a lot of GREAT FRIENDS and clients along the way. I deal with people with NO credit, BAD credit and of course GOOD credit. I look to give my clients the BEST rates and the BEST prices.

I have 88% REPEAT business and a 56% of referral rate. Once you deal with the KING of FINANCE Terry Turbo, you will never want to go anywhere else, WHY Because of the GREAT SERVICE you will receive from Turbo. ASK any of his 975 hundred NORTHERN happy customers that receive parts and accessories in their remote areas. My area of sales and service covers people from Moosenee Ontario to Rocky Mountainhouse Alberta and NORTH into the territories.

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